Month: May 2015

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Anticoagulants leeches

Anticoagulants leeches The close relationship between leeches and his predilection by blood makes most People associate these organism with its medicinal virtues From the time of Galen, the Leeches have beenused to treat a host of ailments in order to restore the balance of moods. FrançoisJoseph- Victor Broussais, doctor Napoleon and his troops, was an Read More

Tsetsi Leech Video

Tsetsi Leech Video Leeches were also quite popular in Rome. Leech images can be found on ancient vases, they are also mentioned in the manuscripts of the Roman connoisseurs of medical healing. For example, Pliny – a statesman, historian and writer, author of the 37-volume encyclopedia study “Natural History”, in volumes 28th and 32nd talks about drugs Read More

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The Medical Leech

The Medical Leech History could be traced through the invaluable benefits that medicinal leeches have brought to people’s lives. In ancient Greek history and mythology it is a well-known fact that the gates of Olympus – the mythical residence of the supreme Greek gods – were depicted with two leeches. A millennium ago, one of the first Read More

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The technique of applying leeches home

The technique of applying leeches home Of the total bank, which holds the leeches in a small vessel with a capacity of 50-100 ml is taken multiple instances in an amount slightly larger than that required for other purposes. Otsazhivayut leeches only need your hands or small nets for aquarium fish, not a pair of tweezers Read More

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treatment of liver disease using leeches

A millennium ago, one of the first papers on the treatment of liver disease using leeches was created. The author of this work was Galen – a Greek court physician to the emperor and author of more than 120 studies in anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology. He was also the first to propose leeches be exported to Read More