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The healing properties of leeches

Impact on human leech is complex and multifactorial. It manifests itself at all levels: spiritual, energy, psychological, physiological, biochemical, and others. In leeches, scientists have discovered more than 40 enzymes, under whose influence in all organs and systems of the human restored normal microcirculation of blood, lymph and interstitial fluid. As a result, reduce swelling, inflammation, pain, ischemia, Read More

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Useful and therapeutic properties of leech

As a non-drug treatment of some diseases of internal organs used ordinary medical leeches (hirudotherapy). The therapeutic effect of occupational therapy is based on the ability leeches have on the human body krovoizvlekayuschee, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect, prevent the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels. Leeches are used in the treatment of hypertension, coronary heart disease Read More

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Known experts recommend hirudotherapy

Known experts “leech case”recommend hirudotherapy after the session the next morning be sure to change the bandage, one day the blood dries on the dressing, bandage becomes stiff and can injure your skin. Small cracks in the skin can become infected with bacteria that can lead to the appearance of boils and carbuncles. Skin pyoderma, carbuncles, boils, Read More

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complications of improper setting of leeches

complications of improper setting of leeches In the “Medical Journal» XIX century, in the pages of articles that focused on hirudotherapy, quite often you can find threatening stories about what can be complications from the medicinal leech bites. Doctors retold “terrible” stories of their patients, the main motive which had complications after cardiac leeches. Most often written Read More

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Indications and contraindications to the use of leeches

Indications and contraindications to the use of leeches For several centuries, medicinal leeches were applied to normalize blood pressure, trauma, headaches, concussion. They are often used to remove quacks damage and the evil eye. Currently hirudotherapy used to treat a very wide range of diseases: gynecological, urological, neurological. Used leeches in diseases of the circulatory system, musculoskeletal system, Read More

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list of diseases that can be treated with leeches

The list of diseases that can be treated with leeches only specialists hirudotherapist It is difficult to enumerate everything diseases that today are traditionally treated girudo professional therapists. Doctors are sometimes surprised, opening new opportunities “leech” treatment. Below is a list of diseases that often come today patients in specialized clinics, where people are treated with leeches. Read More

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What and how to leech arranged

What and how to leech arranged People who have never seen a leech, afraid the first meeting. They think that “floating worm” unpleasant, ugly, disgusting. But these premonitions no trace remains when floating in the bank enjoys a leech and literally torn to meet you. So, let’s fantasize a little bit … You are standing at the pharmacy or Read More


Where and how to live a leech

Where and how to live a leech You scared? Not worth it, dear readers, leech bite – it’s not so scary and painful as it seems at first glance. This floating creature, which, at first glance, there are only teeth and tail, has an amazing ability to anesthetize each proper bite. You’re probably know how the analginum? Of course, Read More

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Where are more likely to live leeches

Where are more likely to live leeches Are you wondering where to migrate leeches, and where they are more likely to live? This question for decades trying to find an answer, scientists from different countries. The researchers of this issue came to the conclusion that the study of geography habitat medicinal leeches has yet except cognitive and Read More

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The usual habitat of leeches

The usual habitat of leeches are ponds, marshes, shallow lakes, backwaters of rivers with low flow rate – in a word, ponds, where the water warms up quite well, with a muddy and rocky bottom. Leeches, as you well know, in order to maintain its zhiznideyatelnosti feed exclusively on blood. They attach themselves to the frogs, snails, Read More

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Began another phase of research

Began another phase of research. Numerous Soviet and foreign scientists have studied the flora of the medicinal leech. And they found that the insides of medicinal leeches have symbiotic bacteria, which plays a major role in the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. A detailed study of the properties of symbiotic bacteria of the medicinal leech has Read More

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The secret of the salivary glands of leeches

The secret of the salivary glands of leeches contains a physiologically active substance, providing incoagulability blood, which has already managed to suck leech. The secret is released gradually in the process of blood-sucking, and with the blood gets into the intestinal canal leech saliva which is involved in the regulation of digestion. Salivary gland secretion coats the Read More

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Medical leech east

Medical leech east – Hirudo medicinalis orientalis. This species has a dark greenish color along the back – narrow orange stripes, covered with evenly spaced black spots quadrangular.Abdomen black with green spots, arranged in pairs at regular intervals. This kind of leech can not be used because it is not diluted in artificial conditions. For many centuries, biologists, Read More

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hirudo therapeutic technique

hirudo therapeutic technique You need just before “landing” leech rub it with a piece of gauze or coarse calico cloth dampened with warm water to ° sensation of feeling the heat in this area or a light redness. No need to handle skin area with alcohol or iodine before the session – it will scare leeches. If Read More

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formulation of leeches at home

formulation of leeches at home No need to catch leeches bare hands, it is better to take a pair of tweezers. Just try to keep them carefully leeches, not “biting” flexible forceps their writhing bodies. Do not forget that a leech – a living organism, like you, and she, like you, can be painful. And certainly not worth Read More


regenerative effect of leeches

It is also known and regenerative effect of leeches with autologous transplantation of tissues.Patients improved engraftment of grafts, reduces the risk of postoperative necrosis. For several decades the medicinal leech used by ophthalmologists. In Moscow ophthalmic hospital leeches put patients who suffer a variety of “eye” diseases: glaucoma, inflammation of the vascular tract, iridocyclitis, increased intraocular pressure. Helps Read More

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drugs replaced by treatment with leeches

The appearance on the market of medicines – pills, ointments and injections – medical leech has ceased to be the official way of healing. “Omniscient” doctors prefer a simple, affordable, faster and less troublesome than a leech, in their opinion, the methods of treatment. Patients who were treated with pills and injections, no fear of the procedure Read More

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Tradition in Russian fashionista

This tradition was supported by Russian fashionista. To this day, in secular circles can be heard on the “secret method” to make themselves very attractive on the eve of the ball, reception, date or an important meeting. To eyes sparkled, his cheeks was a delicate blush and your feet do not get tired to dance until the Read More

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Leech interested not only doctors

Leech interested not only doctors, but also philosophers. They tried to find a justification of its mystical power. These include Schopenhauer, German philosopher-irrationalist. He imagined the essence of the world as irrational will, put forward several controversial in the scientific and philosophical level theories, according to which one of the leech was primordial on the ground.Remembering ancient mythology Read More

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China and application of leeches

China is also famous for the wide application of leeches. If you believe the ancient manuscripts, the Chinese began to use the leech from the IX century BC. e. They treat these amazing creatures almost all diseases. Unlike many other countries, China is popular holding home girudoterapii sessions. Contemporaries wrote that the Yangtze – blue river and its tributary Yalong Read More

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In ancient times

In ancient times, healers knew three of the most effective method of treatment. The first and most popular of them was bleeding using medicinal leeches. The second most popular was considered venosektsiya, in other words, vein bloodletting. The third method involves the use of krovootsosnyh cans: on the skin of the patient makes a small incision, put the Read More

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Medical leech free from any dependency

 Medical leech free from any dependency, help restore proper energy exchange with the outside world, get rid of the guilt. This is a complex effect and becomes the basis of cure with Hirudotherapy most urological diseases. In addition, Leech injects patients blood nutrients.Efficiency Hirudotherapy to treat urological problems consists of the following elements: restored local microcirculation; shortens Read More

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Medical leeches in gynecology

Medical leeches in gynecology Today gynecologist girudoterapevt not uncommon. Gynecologists treat all “clinics leeches”, advice and tips gynecologists often coincide. Diverge specialists in the following areas. Can I put leeches pregnant? At what age can start to treat gynecology? What is the maximum number of leeches can be put in one session? Is it possible to treat Read More

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Leech therapy in urology and andrology

Leech therapy in urology and andrology His many years of experience shared with the author PhD, urology, andrology, sexologist responsible for paid medical services clinic number 92 Vitali Markovich Kuchersky. Girudotera-copy of it is used for the treatment of urological patients for more than 15 years. Probably the same amount of time he could talk about his Read More

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Introduction of leeches

Introduction of leeches The leech Hirudo medicinalis is known Norwell as the medicinal leech in the field methodsphysician. In the past, the man so usedempirical order to cure a variety of suf-foundations, from local pain and inflation processesinflammatories to eye disorders, congestionbrain, hemorrhoids, obesity, mental disordersles 1 and perhaps the rarest of all, bleeding 2 Read More