Aftercare: Information and Instructions

Before Session :

Do not take medicines for blood thinning properties or vasodilators.Strong drugs should be discontinued at least 2 days before the procedure. Any withdrawal of medication should first be discussed with your doctor.

Please do not use before surgery scented soaps, lotions and perfumes in the vicinity of the place where you want to affix a leech.

The day before surgery, do not drink alcohol and eat chillies or garlic.

Before the surgery, do not drink coffee or strong tea.

No antidepressants, sedatives, sleeping pills for 3 days before surgery.
Leeches for surgery derived from laboratory culture and are used only once!

After use, leeches be disposed of , in a humanely way. I do not put leeches into salt !!!

Aftercare: Information and Instructions

The  temporary and harmless side effects

 Do not touch the wound and do not remove the dressing for as long as lymph/bleeding from the leech bite is oozing (12-24 hours);
No shower  for the next 48 hours /No bath for the next 4-5 days after the Hirudotherapy session;
Do not scratch the wound or the are around it (5-7 cm)  when itching or any temporary swelling and reddening of skin around the leech bite occur (allergy-like reaction),  to prevent infection!
 In case the itching becomes too annoying or allergy-like reaction occur, you can use Hydrocortisone Cream 1%  (or any gel applied to the bites of mosquitoes ) or you can apply cold gel compresses.
Occasionally, you may receive greater swelling with redness, then usually helps Tribiotic 1g (without a prescription).
In severe cases of itching oral antihistamines be use.
Do not use vinegar or baking soda !
If you do not scratched, swelling will go away on its own after about 24 -48 hours;
If you change dressing do not use cotton wool, lignin or swabs.
 Directly to a wound put only sterile gauze – sterile low adherent dressing pad!
Use 70% isopropyl alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol)  or Octenisept instead to clean the area around the wound.
To clean the skin around the wound or soak dressing you can usesterile saline solution.
You should avoid drinking alcohol after the treatment and 2 days after;
Drink lots of water, and choice home made fresh juice and herbal tea! (I recommend red beetroot  juice and  nettle tea)
You might feel tired and sleepy or energetic and in-vigorous! All of the above are common and normal reactions.
 You might notice a temporary enlargement of lymph nodes, slight fever or chills – it is a part of detoxification process and will go away on its own;

Please eat well and healthy and drink a lot of water !

Bellow, is the list of the activities that should be eliminated and can not be performed on a day of Hirudotherapy Session and for the next  48 hours after each Hirudotherapy Session: 
Physical therapy, Massages, specially no deep-tissue massage and/or lymphatic- drainage massage; Reflexotherapy, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Jogging, Biking,  Weight-lifting, Running.
 (Swimming after 4- 5 days)
After that you can resume your normal physical activities.
Please remember:  
Hirudotherapy is a natural treatment with hirudosubstances from leeches SGS (Salivary Glands Secretion).
 It is not a magic wand!
It is a healing process that continues for days and weeks after the treatment!
There are NO NEGATIVE SIDE-EFFECTS  involved during and  after the Leech Therapy Process! 
The time between successive treatments should be 3 – 7 days, and is very important in treatment leeches.
Most therapy is continued for 4 – 7 weeks. In chronic disease cases, much longer.

In the period from 6 to 12 months of therapy it is desirable to repeat depending on the indication.


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kostka po pijawkach

Appearance of leech therapy behind the lateral malleolus where the most severe pain was felt by the patient.