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leech healing mechanism

The therapeutic and healing mechanism leeches

Therapeutic, therapeutic mechanisms of action of leech secretion as follows. • The total reflex action carried out by the pain and chemical stimulation of the receptor apparatus of the skin by the bite of a leech. Special section hirudotherapy – girudorefleksoterapiya – laying techniques involved leeches a few minutes on the acupressure points on the rules of the Read More

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hirudotherapeutic techniques

Hirudotherapeutic technique, which is quite a lot today, They can and should be included in the range of other therapeutic approaches, taking into account the stage disease (acute or chronic), localization of lesions, other state systems and organs, the patient’s age, length of treatment of medical drugs, allergic disposition of the body. We can say that the acute process oversight of Read More

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Technics oversight of leeches

Technics oversight of leeches is quite simple. For this portion of the surface of the skin, which is selected for the production of leech, wipe with a piece of gauze moistened with warm water until a light hyperemia (redness). After that, the necessary point massaged, and then placed the animal front suction cup on the skin near necessary point. Read More

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“Hepatitis” Treatment with leeches

Hepatitis – an inflammation of the liver. There are several types of the disease. The Most cases of hepatitis B virus is the causative agent. At the same time disease can develop as a result of common reactions to Some drugs are for him toxins or allergens. Such reactions may arise for a variety of chemicals, such as metal Read More

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hypertension and glaucoma

Hypertension Hypertensive heart disease as well as borderline hypertension up 90% of cases of chronic high blood pressure. The other 10% They occur in the so-called symptomatic, secondary arterial hypertension is a manifestation of diseases of organs and systems influencing directly or indirectly on the blood pressure. Hypertension causes morphological changes in the small arteries, arterioles and capillaries, such as plasmatic Read More



Pyelonephritis Pyelonephritis is an inflammation of one or both kidneys and appears in by entering the kidney microorganisms. Usually it is the so-called ascending infection, spreading the ureter from the bladder. Sometimes organisms penetrate the kidney together with the filtrate from the blood. In people, who are most likely to develop pyelonephritis occur recurrent infections of the lower urinary Read More

radiculitis leeches


Radiculitis – the most common disease of the peripheral nervous system. When the disease affects the bundles of nerve fibers extending from the spinal cord brain. The most common cause of sciatica – osteochondrosis. The joints vertebral discs are deposited with altered salt, causing overgrowth bones. These growths during physical exertion displaced together with discs squeezing extending in intervertebral foramen Read More

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Heart failure and thrombophlebitis

Heart failure develops as a complication of coronary artery disease heart, hypertension, rheumatism, myocarditis, valvular heart disease, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias, various kinds of chronic and disease lung, represents a state in which the load falling on the heart, exceeding its ability to do work. The characteristic manifestation heart failure: shortness concerned, tachycardia, peripheral edema, weakness, fatigue. Often, in addition to Read More

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list of diseases that can be treated with leeches

The list of diseases that can be treated with leeches only specialists hirudotherapist It is difficult to enumerate everything diseases that today are traditionally treated girudo professional therapists. Doctors are sometimes surprised, opening new opportunities “leech” treatment. Below is a list of diseases that often come today patients in specialized clinics, where people are treated with leeches. Read More

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What and how to leech arranged

What and how to leech arranged People who have never seen a leech, afraid the first meeting. They think that “floating worm” unpleasant, ugly, disgusting. But these premonitions no trace remains when floating in the bank enjoys a leech and literally torn to meet you. So, let’s fantasize a little bit … You are standing at the pharmacy or Read More

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China and application of leeches

China is also famous for the wide application of leeches. If you believe the ancient manuscripts, the Chinese began to use the leech from the IX century BC. e. They treat these amazing creatures almost all diseases. Unlike many other countries, China is popular holding home girudoterapii sessions. Contemporaries wrote that the Yangtze – blue river and its tributary Yalong Read More

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In ancient times

In ancient times, healers knew three of the most effective method of treatment. The first and most popular of them was bleeding using medicinal leeches. The second most popular was considered venosektsiya, in other words, vein bloodletting. The third method involves the use of krovootsosnyh cans: on the skin of the patient makes a small incision, put the Read More

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Medical leeches in gynecology

Medical leeches in gynecology Today gynecologist girudoterapevt not uncommon. Gynecologists treat all “clinics leeches”, advice and tips gynecologists often coincide. Diverge specialists in the following areas. Can I put leeches pregnant? At what age can start to treat gynecology? What is the maximum number of leeches can be put in one session? Is it possible to treat Read More

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Leech therapy in urology and andrology

Leech therapy in urology and andrology His many years of experience shared with the author PhD, urology, andrology, sexologist responsible for paid medical services clinic number 92 Vitali Markovich Kuchersky. Girudotera-copy of it is used for the treatment of urological patients for more than 15 years. Probably the same amount of time he could talk about his Read More

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Introduction of leeches

Introduction of leeches The leech Hirudo medicinalis is known Norwell as the medicinal leech in the field methodsphysician. In the past, the man so usedempirical order to cure a variety of suf-foundations, from local pain and inflation processesinflammatories to eye disorders, congestionbrain, hemorrhoids, obesity, mental disordersles 1 and perhaps the rarest of all, bleeding 2 Read More

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Anticoagulants leeches

Anticoagulants leeches The close relationship between leeches and his predilection by blood makes most People associate these organism with its medicinal virtues From the time of Galen, the Leeches have beenused to treat a host of ailments in order to restore the balance of moods. FrançoisJoseph- Victor Broussais, doctor Napoleon and his troops, was an Read More

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treatment of liver disease using leeches

A millennium ago, one of the first papers on the treatment of liver disease using leeches was created. The author of this work was Galen – a Greek court physician to the emperor and author of more than 120 studies in anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology. He was also the first to propose leeches be exported to Read More