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Application of Leeches

Leeches are used therapeutically to fast for at least hundred days. All territories anatomical, apart from the central facial, breast and penis falls leeches. Broussais advises applying a hundred leeches per session and each session costs the lives of many verses. The patient lies for not having sight of leeches and blood. We thoroughly washes hands and seized the medium Read More

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Leech Therapy in Nearly Total Amputation of Fingers Without Vascular Repair

Management of finger amputation, due its difficulties, is a dilemma and in many cases microvascular replantation is not possible, especially in those with crash injury. Since the purpose of replantation is obtaining a near normal function (motion, sensation, and handgrip), amputation of the injured finger seems to be the best treatment. Nowadays, microsurgical techniques have Read More

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Historical background

No one knows exactly when leeches began to occupy an important role in medicine. Varying sources date the leech to 2500 years ago, when it was used for bloodletting in ancient Egypt. Leeching is also mentioned in medical encyclopedia from India written in Sanskrit completed between 500 BC and 200 AD.Hirudotherapy has been mentioned in Read More

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The efficacy of medical leeches in plastic and reconstructive

Bloodletting and the therapeutic use of medicinal leeches dates back to ancient Egypt. Decades of reports of leech therapy in plastic and reconstructive surgery and more recently the application of leeching for medical problems has given Hirudo therapy a niche in contemporary medical practice. Plastic, maxillofacial, and other reconstructive surgeons use leeches to aid salvage Read More

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The overall complication rate associated with leech therapy

The overall complication rate associated with leech therapy of 21.8% was relatively high. The infective complication rate of 14.4% (N 5 33) gives more credence to the policy of antibiotic prophylaxis such as quinolones, which have good resistance profiles to Aeromonas species. Previous reviews have reported infection rates of between 4.1 and 20%. The review Read More

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Role of leech therapy in alopecia barbae

Alopecia means loss of hair or baldness. There are different causes and pattern of alopecia. Alopecia areata is a condition in which there is loss of hair in patches. A small patch of hair loss in beard area is called alopecia barbae. It is a type of alopecia areata. Alopecia Barbae can develop at any Read More


The leech therapy is one of the oldest healing methods of traditional medicine history

From the Indian medicine the first description comes with extensive representation in Sushruta (between 100-600 v. Chr.). In Chinese medicine the leech therapy has always been present but had a subordinate role. In Europe it was since the beginning a be understood as scientific medicine Part of medical treatment, but also always part of folk medicine. Even the Read More

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How do leeches reproduce

Leeches are hermaphrodites and therefore each individual is both a male and a female at the same time! When ready to mate, leeches have several different options. Some species mate in such a way that both individuals will become fathers and mothers at the same time (Motobdella montezuma does this), others are more selective and Read More

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What do leeches eat

Contrary to popular belief, not all leeches are bloodsuckers. In fact, many of them are sitand-wait predators and feed on a variety of different invertebrates such as insects (gnats, mosquito larvae, water bugs), oligochaetes (both aquatic blackworms and their terrestrial cousins, the earthworms), amphipods (side-swimmers), and lots of different kinds of molluscs including pond snails Read More

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Classic zone statement medical leeches

During the long years of use girudoterapii specialists have developed numerous methods of application of this Method for the treatment of various diseases. All of them are set forth in special monographs and textbooks. Therefore, this section provides the classical area formulation of medicinal leeches in certain diseases. When thrombophlebitis – in the course of thrombosed veins on both sides Read More

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Gold recipes Hirudotherapy

Hirudotherapy – is an ancient healing practice of using medical leeches and remarkable properties of enzymes for the prevention and treatment of huge range of non-communicable diseases. You may ask: “Why do they use when and because drugs and treatments lacking? “The fact is that too many complications, side effects, and again for the disease diagnosed by officially accepted the Read More

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Oriental medicine

Oriental medicine (Tibetan, Chinese, Indian) uses for thousands of years methods of correction parameters the human energy system, affecting the biological active points (BAP) with the help of acupuncture (acupuncture). Many points by which the therapeutic effect is achieved, so-called base meridians – energy channels (network). There paired and unpaired meridians which are divided into Yin and Yang meridians. Read More

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The main action takes place on the basis of hirudotherapy lymphoid system, accumulating metabolites. In other words, restores leech physiological excretory functions, regulating interconnection relations and interaction, activating interstitial humoral transport, slowing the aging process. Hirudotherapy effect on the pathological focus on three fronts: through lymph flow through the bloodstream, through biologically active points, restoring the internal environment more fully and physiological. Leech Read More

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Basic Indications for the use of leeches

Under what diseases leeches are used, as well as their secret and preparations derived biologically active substances? The list of diseases of pathological states for which a use medicinal leech or girudopreparata includes almost all somatic diseases associated with blood circulation, tissue hypoxia, edema, stagnation, malfunctions enzyme that evolved to anyone, without exception, the system body or organ. In cardiology practice in Read More


Other indication for the use of leeches

The spectrum of urological diseases x available correction using hirudotherapy, including polycystic kidney disease, kidney stones, hydronephrosis, malformations kidney disease ureter, bladder, scrotum organs, stricture urethra, prostate adenoma, diseases of the penis, cryptorchidism, chronic prostatitis, nocturnal enuresis. The effect of success is based on girudoterapii immunostimulating and bacteriostatic effect, as well as restoration cell-cell contacts and solving the problems of transport Read More


Contraindications for the use of leeches

Absolute contraindication to the use hirudotherapy Hemophilia is a disease. However, this provision directly concerns direct oversight of leeches, but some other girudoterapevticheskie methods may be used, and in this category of patients. There are also contraindications: common pustular skin lesions, malignant hypotension, extreme stage dystrophy (cachexia) pronounced secondary immunodeficiency, severe anemia, pregnancy. Contraindications are also: tumor of any localization and any nature, Read More

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The therapeutic and healing mechanism leeches

Therapeutic, therapeutic mechanisms of action of leech secretion as follows. • The total reflex action carried out by the pain and chemical stimulation of the receptor apparatus of the skin by the bite of a leech. Special section hirudotherapy – girudorefleksoterapiya – laying techniques involved leeches a few minutes on the acupressure points on the rules of the Read More

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hirudotherapeutic techniques

Hirudotherapeutic technique, which is quite a lot today, They can and should be included in the range of other therapeutic approaches, taking into account the stage disease (acute or chronic), localization of lesions, other state systems and organs, the patient’s age, length of treatment of medical drugs, allergic disposition of the body. We can say that the acute process oversight of Read More

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Technics oversight of leeches

Technics oversight of leeches is quite simple. For this portion of the surface of the skin, which is selected for the production of leech, wipe with a piece of gauze moistened with warm water until a light hyperemia (redness). After that, the necessary point massaged, and then placed the animal front suction cup on the skin near necessary point. Read More

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“Hepatitis” Treatment with leeches

Hepatitis – an inflammation of the liver. There are several types of the disease. The Most cases of hepatitis B virus is the causative agent. At the same time disease can develop as a result of common reactions to Some drugs are for him toxins or allergens. Such reactions may arise for a variety of chemicals, such as metal Read More

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hypertension and glaucoma

Hypertension Hypertensive heart disease as well as borderline hypertension up 90% of cases of chronic high blood pressure. The other 10% They occur in the so-called symptomatic, secondary arterial hypertension is a manifestation of diseases of organs and systems influencing directly or indirectly on the blood pressure. Hypertension causes morphological changes in the small arteries, arterioles and capillaries, such as plasmatic Read More



Pyelonephritis Pyelonephritis is an inflammation of one or both kidneys and appears in by entering the kidney microorganisms. Usually it is the so-called ascending infection, spreading the ureter from the bladder. Sometimes organisms penetrate the kidney together with the filtrate from the blood. In people, who are most likely to develop pyelonephritis occur recurrent infections of the lower urinary Read More

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Radiculitis – the most common disease of the peripheral nervous system. When the disease affects the bundles of nerve fibers extending from the spinal cord brain. The most common cause of sciatica – osteochondrosis. The joints vertebral discs are deposited with altered salt, causing overgrowth bones. These growths during physical exertion displaced together with discs squeezing extending in intervertebral foramen Read More

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Heart failure and thrombophlebitis

Heart failure develops as a complication of coronary artery disease heart, hypertension, rheumatism, myocarditis, valvular heart disease, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias, various kinds of chronic and disease lung, represents a state in which the load falling on the heart, exceeding its ability to do work. The characteristic manifestation heart failure: shortness concerned, tachycardia, peripheral edema, weakness, fatigue. Often, in addition to Read More